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Carl made a beer!!


Being the boss is one thing, but then being the boss and then going to the Brunswick brewery, Derby is another!!

Its a hard job, I know! But some one has to do it, right?

It took 3 days of hard work, the first day we spent tasting over 40 beers, the second day we spent tasting aspirin and water whilst taking exams and thinking of the name witch was hard! Real hard! With 6 landlords that ran 6 incredible but different pubs it was a hard task to name the beer. The recipe came quite quickly we wanted something different, something big in flavour and aroma and something that we all could say that we created that recipe!! Oh and my we did!

The final Day was down at the The Brunswick Brewery, Derby Where we took our recipe and made it in to a reality. Head brew James at the Brunswick, looked at the recipe, took a calculator and did some maths……


“so you want to put ginger and coriander in this beer?”

A collective of heads, smirked, nodded and said “well, yea!”

“Right, OK, your brew.”

The next 8 hours consisted of milling, making a wort, boiling, and cleaning ,  lots of cleaning. I had to clean out the copper, witch was fun and warm after a hour of boiling the brew!

At the end of the day our beer was sitting in the fermentation tank, our job was done!

We called our brew Synergy, a 5.6% ruby ale that is finished with Ginger and coriander and in my eyes is incredible, dead proud I am!

It will be on at The Church for a ltd time only, come try!

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