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GIN GIN GIN, need we say more?


We have a lot of booze at The Church… I mean a lot and I can’t see our collection getting any smaller. But there are a few that stand out, a few that grab all the bartenders’ attention.

Introducing Langley’s Gin……

Birmingham’s Gin!

One of the first things we found out is that it is from Birmingham, this ticks a box immediately. Its made at the Langley distillery (also known as Alcohols Ltd) alongside some of the worlds finest gins including martin Miller’s, Broker’s (which is our house pour), Whitley Neill and lots more (find out here what they produce).

Its makes an incredible White Lady and goes down very nicely with a Fentimans tonic water and fresh lime. At 41.7%ABV it packs a heavy nose with a hint of cinnamon at first then entering a classic citrus finish. But the taste is where this gin stands out to attention. Flavour is not spared one bit, loads of lemons, sweet Spanish oranges and finishing on an apple tarte tatin with peach Melba ice cream! I mean that’s what I get anyway…..

Come and see what you think, it’s on the back bar to stay for a while I think!!!





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