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Tequila…. Its back!


Tequila has and will always be a pleasure that i love to share. It could be a straight tot shot for a celebration or a finish on a pork and chili fajita. Either way I love Tequila, that will never change.

Since we opened in May, Tequila has taken a step back on the back bar, but still holding its own with a strong but small section. But hold the fricking press…..

The Judge….

We present Herrdura! This is where our friend,  The council, The Judge in question, Tequila fights back and kicks Bourbon and Scotch of the shelf’.

Its a reposado, this means it been “rested” rather than aged, so just a short time to chill and relax after distillation of this earthy spirit. That’s all you getting of me about the origins and what it is, who made it, bla bla bla. As it don’t matter boy’s and girls, it don’t mean a thing!! Tasting its fiery Mexican ass it puts the love back inside my Tequila bones that have laid dormant for far to long!

The nose is sweet like apple pie with a large scoop of toffee ice cream, the taste is smooth, oily and earthy with a splash of fresh pressed espresso and caramel. Then the finish just reminds you that its is and always be ladies and gentleman, Tequila.

Have this in a old fashioned and you will be thanked by the gods them self’s, use in a margarita and it will shake your hand, shoot it and you will wake up in a party once forgotten. Use lemon or lime to get rid of the taste….. well? Man up or you might as well leave!


Lime? man up and taste the Rainbow!









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