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Cocktail of the month – Secre-Tea


Our cocktail for December is something our team of bartenders came up with for our winter drinks menu. Inspired by those comforting tastes of tea, lemon, ginger and honey and using one of the oldest spirits in the world, Bols Genever. We love Bols Genever at The Church, it’s an amazing flavour all of it’s own but it really works in this cocktail.

Let’s get making.


  • Bols Genever – 40ml
  • Peach Schnapps – 12.5ml
  • Lemon juice – 20ml
  • Ginger Syrup – 20ml
  • Honey – one bar spoonful
  • Cold Tea – 25ml
  • Cubed Ice

Served in a Sling glass.


Add the first five ingredients to your shaker and give the honey a quick stir to start it dissolving into the mix, now you want to hit it with the ice and get shaking; you want to give this a good 20-30 seconds of shaking to make sure that honey is fully incorporated. Strain the drink into your sling glass over ice and top it with the cold tea mix. Curl yourself a lemon peel garnish, sit back and enjoy this beauty of a drink.


Peace and love. x

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