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Cocktail of the month – Green Witch Gimlet


Our cocktail of the month this month comes from The Church’s resident goth and hostess extraordinaire Danny DeMilo. An age old cocktail given that little twist.

Green witch gimlet.

  • 50ml vodka (should be wolfschmidt but in the interest of available spirits lets say luksusowa)
  • 20ml Roses lime cordial
  • dash of lillet blanc.
  • thin wheel of lime to garnish

Served in a martini glass.

The first step is to chill your glass, get it filled with ice while you assemble your ingredients. Next add all your liquids to a shaker half filled with ice cubes and stir well for 10 to 15 seconds. Now ditch the ice in your perfectly chilled glass and strain in your drink.
Garnish with that wheel of lime and drink up.

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