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Recipe Of The Month – American Style Pancakes with Cointreau or Limencello Sauce


This months recipe comes from chef Jen Williams and is a twist on an American Brunch classic!

You will need –

For the pancakes

300g self raising flour

300ml milk

2 eggs

One and a half tsp baking powder

1 tbsp caster sugar

For the Cointreau/Limencello Sauce

75g light brown sugar

50g butter

264ml double cream

Citrus zest

Cointreau or Limencello

In a large bowl whisk all of the pancake ingredients together until there are no lumps, this may take a few minutes! Leave to sit for a short while.

Meanwhile, add the sugar, butter and double cream into a heavy based saucepan until almost over boiling. Remove from the heat, add citrus zest and the Cointreau or Limencello  to taste. Leave to cool for the flavours to develop.

Heat a non – stick frying pan (or use a fine layer of oil to coat), carefully ladle some of the pancake batter into the heated pan, in a circular shape. After a short while you should notice the batter puff up slightly, flip over the pancake, cook for another minute or so (until golden and set – should only take a minute or two either side) then remove from pan.

CHEF TIP – use an old (and clean) ketchup bottle (or one similar) to get perfect circles in the pan!


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