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RECIPE – July – Key Lime Pie


photo by Jack Spicer Adams


This weekend was a big weekend at The Church, being the fourth of July we wanted to celebrate Independence Day with style. We went to town on this with bunting and classic American cocktails all weekend. We were running all American food specials and one of the big hits of the weekend was our key lime pie with ginger ice cream.

This is a fantastic chilled dessert for summer, it’s light and creamy but has that sharp acidic lime cutting through it. Put a scoop of some ginger ice cream on top and you are onto a winner.

So here it is:


SERVES 6-8 (but that depends on how generous you are)


–        1 tin (397g) of condensed milk

–        3 egg yolks

–        Zest of three limes and juice of four

–        300g digestive or ginger biscuits

–        120g butter

Note: proportions may need adjusting to size of cake tin. We use an 8” and 2” deep

Preheat oven to 180/fan 150/gas 4

Grease a cake tin and line with baking paper

Smash the biscuits to a fine crumb in a sealed bag with a rolling pin or your weapon of choice. Melt butter in a microwave or on the hob and add to biscuits and mix thoroughly. Press the biscuit mix into the tin firmly (you want it to be about 1cm thick all over nice and smooth). Refrigerate until the butter has solidified and your base is nice and strong.

Combine eggs and condensed milk and beat in lime zest and then juice until all incorporated.

Pour over the biscuit base and cook for ten minutes on the top shelf. Allow to set for minimum of six hours in the fridge and when you come back you will have something amazing waiting for you.




–        4 large egg yolks

–        250 g sugar

–        Pinch salt

–        800 ml whole milk

–        600 ml double cream

–        100g of dry ginger


Heat cream and milk in a pan but do not allow to boil.

Beat the eggs, sugar and pinch salt together in a mixing bowl.

Now add the warm milk and cream mix slowly to eggs, whisking quickly the whole time but be careful you don’t get your eggs too hot or they will scramble.

Allow the whole thing to cool before pouring into an ice cream machine. Have the machine work for about an hour or until the mix takes on the consistency of a Mr. Whippy or McDonald’s milk shake (tacky but good points of reference, I know) and then put it in your freezer.

If you don’t own an ice cream machine you can freeze it but your freezer will have to be turned up high and you’ll have to stir the mix every half an hour for about six hours to get a good consistency.

That’s why we bought an ice cream machine.


When everything has come together, your pie is set and your ice cream is at the perfect consistency you are ready to eat. Cut yourself a good sized slice for your efforts and top with a scoop of the ice cream.

This is a great dessert, the lime is a great fresh hit and it’s perfect on a hot day. Enjoy it.

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