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2-4-1 Jambalaya comes to The Church


Since the doors of Soul Food Project opened in May 2010, Jambalaya has been our best selling dish on all of our menus. The mix between the Chicken, Chorizo, sea food, a kick of spice and the fresh lime juice make it the perfect dish for all occasions from hand over to a winter warmer.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Jamba Mondays……

Lets break it down for you

1st Come with a one or more people

2nd Sit and enjoy the ambiance

3rd Order a drink and browse the menu

4th Take our advice and order one or more Jambalaya’s

5th Enjoy your Jambalaya’s

6th When finished, order desert or relax and enjoy another drink*

7th Ask for your Bill, (this can be done by waving your hands in a signing your signature gesture, or simply asking one of The Church team)

8th Marvel at the fact that for every Jambalaya ordered you can have one free!

9th Repeat every Monday


Hope we have explained it well,

Team Church


See you every Monday!!!!


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